A Box of Kindness

“A Box Of Kindness” is a great way to enjoy family,

giggle, and have some crazy good fun

while spreading a bit of kindness. The activities in this

Box of Kindness are “Boxed and Ready”

to start making memories – family and laughing required.

Spreading Kindness one Family at a Time.

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Each box comes with:

List – 50 Acts of Kindness 
Time Capsule
Chalk it up to Kindness
Feather Friend Feed
A Simple Balloon
Dog Treats
Trash Treasure Hunt
Envelope (stamped and addressed to our TROOPS)
Twig Pencil

Description of included items:

List:  50 Simple Acts of Kindness and Family Joy

Time Capsule:  Official Time Capsule Sticker and 45 fun questions for family members to answer….sure to generate a few giggles in the future.

  • Use an envelope, box, plastic bottle, can, chest, milk jug, etc. as the holding tank for the questioners. Seal with the official Time Capsule Sticker – once sealed – NO peeking.

Chalk it up to Kindness:  (6) Thick Sidewalk Chalk Included – Imagination needed.

  • Leaving chalk messages for people is a colorful act of kindness. Draw, write, scribble, design works of art. Chalk neighborhoods, driveways, parks, paths, or trails, spread kindness.

Feather Friend Feeder:  Birdseed included – peanut butter, bread, and bird needed.

  • A slice of bread, smeared with peanut butter, rolled in bird seed = giggles and tweets!  Use an empty toilet paper, bread, bagel, scooped out fruit (anything you can spread peanut butter, honey etc.) on. Then spread or fill with seed. Take a walk, find a tree and hang on a branch for birds to enjoy – strings can be used but not required.

A Simple Balloon:  Balloons included – silly fun – endless.

  • Use your hands, head, spatula, etc. and see how long the balloon can be kept in the air. Fill it with water and have a water balloon toss. Hmmm.  Just have fun. (Balloons are a big choking hazard for toddlers, please dispose of any popped balloons right away).

Dog Treats:  Enough said.

Trash Treasure Hunt:  Competitive list, trash bag, rubber gloves, and twist tie included – trash needed. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it!!

  • Your family can make an important and wonderful improvement to your little slice of the world with a cleanup scavenger hunt!

Letter to our TROOPS: Addressed, stamped envelope included – a simple letter of appreciation needed.

  • Write it together – make it a family affair.

Twig Pencil:  Included. Just makes writing fun.

 Origami:  Paper (4) and easy directions for an origami heart.

  • It’s a heart! Slide a tiny note, joke or happy quote into the heart and leave it someplace random – sure to make someone’s day.